ADVENT Academy offers the country’s top cannabinoid medicine training for healthcare professionals.

At ADVENT, our job is to prepare you. Patients today often know more about medical cannabis than their healthcare providers, yet they still have questions they expect their providers to answer. Are you prepared to answer your patients’ questions about cannabis? 

ADVENT Academy’s Foundation of Cannabinoid Medicine course will equip you with in-depth training in the historical context and scientific knowledge you need to confidently converse about cannabinoid medicine with your patients. Educate yourself to provide the best informed care for your patients and to consider the role that cannabis might play within your patients' overall treatment plan.

Why Advent Academy

  • Receive up to 5 CME credits

  • Interactive modules, presented in textbook and video to maximize learning and retention

  • Education grounded in world-renowned, evidence-based cannabinoid research

The Foundation of Cannabinoid Medicine

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The first five modules focus on the history, science and processing of cannabis, cannabinoid pharmacology and the endocannabinoid system.
The Foundation of Cannabinoid Medicine

Module 1: The Vital History of Cannabis

Module 2: Plant Science & Processing

Module 3: Cannabis in Self-Directed Care & The Influence of Pharmacokinetics

Module 4: The Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

Module 5: Introduction to Cannabiniod Medicine | Synthesizing a Foundation

An Interactive Learning Experience

Our modules are crafted with different learning styles in mind to help healthcare professionals confidently converse about cannabis. 

To maximize learning and retention, the scientifically-valid research is presented online as video and reference textbooks. You'll engage in low-stakes quizzes to assess your comprehension. 

Upon enrollment, you will gain immediate access to the first 5 modules that can earn you 5 CME credits. 

Plan to spend approximately one hour on each module.

  • Meeting Your Needs

    Learn at your own pace with our interactive modules. Only a 1-hour commitment per module.

  • Intuitive Learning

    Presented online as video and reference textbooks. No-pressure quizzes help you review and retain information.

  • Always Growing

    Access to live webinars, guest lectures, discounted seminars and more coming soon.

A Closer Look at Our Curriculum

ADVENT Academy’s Foundation to Cannabinoid Medicine was designed for healthcare professionals by healthcare professionals.


In this 5-part course, you will 

  • Gain important contextual knowledge of medicinal cannabis including its history and key information on plant variety, cultivation, and regulation. 
  • Cultivate an understanding of the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other cannabis plant compounds. 
  • Be introduced to the endocannabinoid system - physiology every healthcare professional should know.
ADVENT’s comprehensive synthesis of current literature and research is rooted in cannabinoid science and pharmacology, and works to ensure that you understand how body-, plant-, and synthetically-derived cannabinoids affect human physiology.

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The ADVENT Story

In 2015, a group of physicians founded the American Cannabinoid Clinics with one mission in mind: to deliver precise cannabinoid medicine to every patient looking for a personalized approach to healing

The clinics are committed to their patients, enabling direct and lawful access to providers who are not only extensively knowledgeable in cannabinoid therapeutics and cannabinoid medicine, but who are also compassionate in their approach and commitment to supporting them in their pursuits of achieving optimal wellness using cannabis therapies.

Motivated to share this model of care, the founders launched ADVENT Academy to serve a new mission: To provide premier, comprehensive, and elite training services in Endocannabinology and cannabinology.

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